The House of Thomas Henry
18th May 2017 Bar expert /
19th May 2017 Drink lover
Kaufhaus Jandorf, Berlin
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The House of
Thomas Henry

Welcome to the New Golden Age!


he bar culture of the Golden Twenties is brought back to life: Welcome to „The House of Thomas Henry“!

In the Golden Twenties, the bar scene reinvented itself: the world was growing closer, exotic ingredients boosted bartenders’ creativity. Ushering in drinks that we know as classics today. Everywhere in Europe, bars opened, and people celebrated and imbibed. An era of euphoria and enjoyment. Bars all over the world created new cocktails to compete for the favor of their guests. This is precisely the challenge that the 20 European bars in the "The House of Thomas Henry" will face: present two new and innovative creations. An expert jury will vote on the best drink in the "The House of Thomas Henry". May the best bartenders win!

Now it’s time for a new "Golden Age": Thomas Henry, the guarantor of fine drinks, opens the doors to the historical "Kaufhaus Jandorf", for a world filled with inspiration, fantastic new discoveries and excellent drinks. Created, mixed and served by the best bartenders in Europe. Two days and nights blur the boundaries between dream and reality, between past and present.

In this dazzling setting, Thomas Henry heralds the start of "The New Golden Age".

We welcome all our guest to an aftershowparty at BRICKS Berlin on Friday, May 19th 2017. You get free admission with you event stemp.

Heißluftballon Das Kaufhaus der Barkultur

„Gastronomie gegen Rassismus“

The Golden Twenties also stand for tolerance and a respectful coexistence. Lavish parties such as "The House of Thomas Henry" are only possible if people are curious about one another and free of prejudice. Therefore, Thomas Henry supports „Gastronomie gegen Rassismus e.V.“. The Club donates funds to organizations that promote and enable the integration of immigrants and refugees with language courses. Thomas Henry is very committed to these issues and supports them gladly and wholeheartedly.

A Fabulous

Newspaper boys hawk extra editions, street artists show off their skills, shoeshines stand by, there even is a real barber shop! And music of course, with bands, ballerinas and burlesque dancing. At "The House of Thomas Henry", the atmosphere sparkles in the style of the New Golden Age.

Elli Fatale

Men's Outfitter

"If your life sucks, sprinkle glitter on it", is the beautiful motto of Elli Fatale, a woman of many talents. She is a stylist, artist and owner of „Prinzipal Kreuzberg", a cocktail bar with an exciting burlesque program, seemingly sprung directly from the Golden Age. In "The House of Thomas Henry" Elli offers exquisite products for the elegant Lady and the fine gentleman – hair jewelry in the style of the Golden Age for her, and cufflinks and bow ties for him are just a few of the fine accessories that she offers.

Rowdy Barber

Barber Shop

Golden Age gentlemen valued a well-groomed appearance highly, an accurately trimmed beard and a dapper haircut were part and parcel of a proper presence. Now that men have rediscovered the virtues of the beard, barbers are in fashion again as well, and this traditional profession is experiencing a renaissance. In the "The House of Thomas Henry", the professionals of the „Rowdy Barber Shop“ form the perfect look with blades and scissors, give grooming tips and sell specialty products. Being styled like a gentleman of the old school adds an extra bit of distinction to the enjoyment of a delicious Thomas Henry drink.


Bar Equipment

Why not enjoy a perfectly mixed drink or cocktail at home? "Cocktailian" has the professional bar tools, such as jigger, shaker and strainer, as well as premium spirits, glasses and literature. More than 4,000 articles are available in their online shop. In the "The House of Thomas Henry" the rare opportunity arises to try out selected products live and to purchase them directly.

The Bitter Truth


"The Bitter Truth" is known and appreciated by bartenders all over the world: for over ten years now, the company from Bavaria has been enriching the bar world with cocktail bitters, special liqueurs, and spirits that had faded into obscurity for far too long. All products are manufactured by hand from pure natural ingredients – just like in the good old days. Guests at "The House of Thomas Henry" can look forward to a journey into the world of flavors.

The Restaurant

Chicago Williams BBQ

Thomas Henry was an English gentleman who was partial to the pleasures of life. The creative minds of "Chicago Williams BBQ" combine this passion with the surprisingly delicious tradition of English cuisine. Hearty, exotic and peppered with sweet seductions.

​We are thrilled to announce that Chicago Williams BBQ will be collaborating with The House of Thomas Henry on both days.

Henry's House

In the Golden Twenties, bars all over the world created new cocktails to compete for the favor of their guests. This is precisely the challenge that the 20 European bars in the "The House of Thomas Henry" will face: present two new and innovative creations. An expert jury will vote on the best drink in the "The House of Thomas Henry". May the best barkeep win!

Alex Kratena
Mixologist & Co-Founder of P(our)

Simon Difford
Mixologist & Founder of Difford's Guide

Nils Wrage
Editor-in-Chief of Mixology

Phum Sila-Trakoon
Brand Ambassador of Thomas Henry

Sanjay Cachemaille
CEO of Cocktailian


Barexpert - Thursday, 18th May 2017

14.00 - 14.30

Botanicals & Herbs

Tatjana Friedrich / Lillet

14.45 - 15.15

The Art of Barrel Aging

Christian Balke / Havana Club

15.30 - 16.00

Gin Destillation - German Gins

Roger Breitenegger / Gin Sul

16.15 - 16.45

The Microbiological Circus - Fermentation from Pulque to Ginger Beer

Alexis Goertz / Sierra Milenario

17.00 - 17.30


Kristof Mulack / Reingold Bar

17.45 - 18.15

Business of Bars by Diageo Bar Academy

Stephan Hinz / Tanqueray

18.30 - 19.00

First Premium Liquer - Jägermeister Manifest

André Pintz / Jägermeister

19.15 - 19.45

What makes a great bar great?

Simon Difford / International Guest

20.00 - 20.30

Why is this stress thing so important?

Alex Kratena / International Guest

Drinklover - Friday, 19th May 2017

16.30 - 17.00

10 Ways to Bring Bar Culture Home

Phum Sila-Trakoon / Thomas Henry

17.15 - 17.45

Home Bar Tools

Sanjay Cachamaille / Cocktailian

18.00 - 18.30

Gin Basic Training

Marlena Kieszkowska / Beefeater

18.45 - 19.15

Rum Basic Training

Christian Balke / Havana

19.30 - 20.00

Tequila Basic Training

Kathrin Abels / Sierra Milenario

20.15 - 20.45

Kitchen Possible - Extraordinary Gin&Tonic Variationen

Steffen Zimmermann / Rutte Gin

21.00 - 21.30

Let's Cocktail - Home-Bar Tipps & Tricks

Mike Meinke / Diageo Reserve

Phum Sila-Trakoon


hum Sila-Trakoon is a food and drink connoisseur, a passionate and much sought-after expert on all aspects of bar culture. Both behind the counter and as a lecturer and author – there could be no better host for this event than this amiable Berliner! In "The House of Thomas Henry" the gentleman of the bar scene will not only present exciting workshops, but also offer guests his help and advice. Moreover, his knowledge as a mixologist will be essential for the competition for the best drink in "The House of Thomas Henry".

Phum Sila-Trakoon

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Thomas Henry & the Drinks

​Warehouse Jandorf


arly in the 20th century, this was a glamorous shopping paradise, today it is an inspirational and unique event location.

Starting in 1904, magnificent colonial goods, refined textiles, delicacies and fine spirits were traded on the five floors of the „Warenhaus Jandorf“. Later it became the creative center of the GDR fashion world. For two days, the listed historical building next to Weinbergspark will become "The House of Thomas Henry" – the department store of bar culture.

The Story of Thomas Henry

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Ticket prices including 3 coins for beverages.

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